Our Story

MACAY started at Motorola’s New York City Mod the Future Hackathon.

Five unsuspecting students came together to create a smartphone transforming concept, which won us the first prize. MACAY’s idea, the TrueSound HiFi mod, is an audio mod geared towards audiophiles and musicians who use the Moto Z or Moto Z Play. After our win in December, MACAY has gone on to prototype our mod and pitch to Motorola in hopes that TrueSound can join the Moto Z’s modular ecosystem.

More About MACAY

We are students. We are engineers. We are MACAY.

MACAY Labs was established in January 2017. MACAY currently consists of five high school and college students with an enthusiasm for engineering. We are a New York City based start up technology company that designs, creates, and manufactures consumer electronics. Our first product is MACAY’s TrueSound HiFi mod for the Mororola's Moto Z.

Meet Our Team

Meet MACAY: M for Mark, A for Abigail, C for Curtis, A for Andrew, and Y for Yousef.

Abigail Brown

Team Coordinator

Abigail Brown graduated Staten Island Technical High School, ranked #5 in the nation, in June 2016. During her time there she spent the majority of her time working on STEM related extracurriculars including Science Olympiad and FIRST Robotics, where she became captain of the team her junior year. She spent her high school summers working as an IT/Media Coordinator at Lifestyles for the Disabled and as a counselor at Staten Island Tech’s STEM summer camp. Abigail was involved in another tech startup, Crypta, her sophomore year in high school that focused on fingerprint protected cyber security. She also became certified in AutoCAD.
Since leaving Tech, Abigail has gone on to study at Rutgers University School of Engineering as an Electrical and Computer Engineering major and is taking classes at the College of Staten Island in an effort to graduate early. She has also spent the past year working as a teacher at Staten Island Hebrew Academy’s Lego Robotics Course. Abigail is an aspiring engineer who loves to share her enthusiasm for STEM with her community.

Yousef Alsayid

Head of Marketing

Yousef Alsayid is a current junior at Staten Island Technical High School. His affinity for electronics encouraged him to attend over five hackathons throughout his high school career. He is taking Advanced Electronics and Computer Science courses and has been certified in AutoCAD, Inventor, and various Microsoft licenses included Technology Associate and Networking. Yousef is heavily involved in community outreach and runs many volunteering and fundraising events as president of Staten Island Tech’s Rotary Interact Chapter. He also worked as a teacher at Staten Island Hebrew Academy’s Lego Robotics course.
Yousef plans to major in Electrical Engineering and hopes to pursue a Masters in Business Administration after he obtains his Bachelor's degree.

Curtis Mason

Lead Firmware Engineer

Curtis Mason is a college bound high school senior who intends to major in Computer Science. He is the lead firmware engineer at MACAY Labs and writes the majority of code for MACAY’s products.

Andrew Afflito

Lead Hardware Engineer

Andrew Afflitto is a college sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is the lead hardware engineer at MACAY Labs, designs and tests products, and helps write firmware.

Mark Ayad

Head of Financials

Mark Ayad is a high school junior and an intended Computer Science major. He is the lead financial officer at MACAY Labs and manages information technology such as web and application development.

Meet the Mods

Motorola’s new modular ecosystem allows for smartphones to perform as almost completely different devices with the convenience of being attached to your cell phone. Compatible with the Moto Z and Moto Z Play, Motorola’s mod ecosystem launches smartphones into a new era of innovation. 

View Motorola's Mod Ecosystem

About TrueSound HiFi Mod

3.5mm analog input AND output jacks

Contains 500 mAmp volt rechargeable battery to maintain functionality

    • High quality audio capturing capabilities
    • Applications:
      • Musicians can record high quality music directly onto smartphone with compatible instruments
        • Supports instruments with 3.5mm and ¼” outputs (¼” to 3.5mm adapter included)
      • Vloggers can record high quality audio files directly onto smartphone
    • Acts as portable DAC and amp
    • Applications:
      • Drive high quality headphones
      • Compatible with any 3.5mm male jack headphone or earbud set

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